Quotes about the Youth Development


Colette Noman (Barnsley College): Whilst on the programme we have seen improvement in the learners confidence levels and communication skills. During their time with Youth Development I have seen our learners develop thier confidence and self esteem as well as improve their decision making and problem solving skills.

Young Learner (Youth Development): I feel if more people came to the Youth Development it will benefit the whole community.

Vicky Geldart (Youth Offending Team): Things are getting better and the inclusion of YOT young people in the service provided by the Youth Development is a testament to this.

Mark Garside (Chief Opperational Officer): The success of a business, is not the success of the business but the success of the people in the business.

Jane Dunning (Skills For Life and Work): Youth Development is a rare organisation, because it is able and willing to provide a high level of supervision and support to learners on placement; any funding which can increase this facility will be of great benefit.

Gylnn (Local Community): I've known the Youth Development for 2 years and have had no problems with them what so ever. They have kept the area clean and tidy, myself and the Youth Development Team have a great relationship with one another.




Organisations we work with


The Youth Development is a small organisation which has gained alot of support from large organisations including Barnsley College, Princes Trust and Youth Offfending Team. We have also have had support on company's website (ie Barnsley College, Dearne Valley College) had articles in the newspaper (ie Barnsley Chronicle, The Star and Barnsley Independent) and also have been on the radio (BBC Radio Sheffield).
We also have a great relationship with the local residents and other companies in the community.

Here is a list of some of the organisations we work with:
Age Concern
Princes Trust
Machine CO
Barnsley College
Raleys Solicitors
Barnsley Flooring
Money Spinners
Barnsley Council
Barnsley University
Independent training services
Aspire Training
Fresco Bathrooms