What is Youth Development?

The Youth Development is a Community Intrest Company which was created to reclaim old furniture, re-working it into saleable products using manual skills and interpersonal abilities with a focus on further developing the young people involved.  Initially this was all delivered on a voluntary basis until such scale was achieved that it required a more formal structure to properly optimise the unique opportunity.


What we do?

The Youth Development is an innovative programme to provide young people with work experience in Barnsley led to the creation of a social enterprise business which will refurbish and re-sell previously used office furniture, rescued from businesses and organisations around the area. Giving these skills will help young people aged 16 - 24 to become valued members of society.


How we do this?

An investment of £27,000 from the Key Fund’s Renewable Energy and Recycling fund is a blend of grant and loan, has been predominantly used to create apprenticeship programmes in Barnsley to help young people leaving college.  It also secures management support until sufficient revenues are generated to become fully self-supporting, and provides marketing funds to help raise awareness of the venture in the Barnsley and South Yorkshire area.
We also have a full group of volunteers working with us.




Helping the community

With potential for even greater community impact, the enterprise has already provided 102 training places for young people in Barnsley, rescued 256 tonnes of furniture from landfill and aims to help more local businesses reduce their landfill tax and increase green credentials by facilitating even more recycling and re-use in the coming years.

The Youth Development currently has 1 apprentice and is hoping to recruit more in the near future


There have been large donations of furniture to the programme from around the Barnsley area, and in particular the Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council have contributed significantly to the venture to help the initiative get started by donating large amounts of furniture. 

The future looks very promising for this young enterprise and there are plans for the venture to be even more community focused by helping to provide more volunteer opportunities as well as funded apprenticeships.